Thursday, November 09, 2006

Democrats Have Control

It's official now, the democrats have control of congress.

This is my plea to each and everyone of them:
Please, for the next two and a half years, keep your pants zipped. Don't text message anyone about anything. Don't accept any trips, meals or tips. Watch your p's and your q's and your emails and your phone calls. Don't buy porn, don't hire prostitutes and don't surf the net to anything racier than CNN. Don't loan out your car, your cell phone or your laptop. Don't buy or sell any stock, or make any other financial arrangements. Don't have sex or engage in any sexual activity, including conversation, with anyone you're not legally married to. Even then, keep it private. Please, keep your nose clean. And everything else too.

What you do in the next two years will determine whether or not democrats are in the Whitehouse in 2008. Don't screw it up.


At this time in every election year I'm reminded of how interesting our system is. In most governments throughout history, and many today, a change in power required considerable bloodshed.

We go from hurling public insults at each other to gracious phone calls. We stop highlighting our differences and try to find our similarities. We eat some chocolate and we eat some crow.

For a short time there is a coming together. And then, in no time at all, we start the cycle over again.

Happy Dance

Well, it's hard to really focus on the news when you're doing a continual happy dance around the TV. However, I've been able to figure out that it would seem democrats are going to control the house and senate. And that Donald Rumsfeld is gone.

People are finally fed up and have put their votes where it counts. And even Bush and Rumsfeld have gotten the idea that people are fed up and want out of Iraq. It's not something Rumsfeld can do and save face so he's gone.

It's ironic that the people who are busy telling us how the terrorists are going to get us - like a boogie-man hiding in a cave - are the same people who were telling us there were weapons of mass destruction, we'd be treated as liberators, and "mission accomplished." Please - all of those were lies. Why should we believe you now?

Get the hell out of Iraq. Get out. At this point I don't care how we get out. Just get out. I'm past the point of talking about how we have to have a plan and carefully consider every point. Get out. Put the planes on the ground, load them with troops, and get the hell out. We don't need any fancy plan, just get out.

I wish, wish, wish, wish, wish this was something the democrats could actually accomplish but I'm not sure what they can do. Hopefully brighter people than me know what they can do and they're putting plans in to place to do it - whatever it is. Just get us out.