Saturday, April 14, 2012


It has been a long day in Kansas, with tornadoes springing up all over the state. We have been very fortunate in Hutchinson, where I live. Although there have been storms to the north, south, east and west of us, it have been pretty calm here. In fact, we've barely had any rain. All around us people have been pummeled with hail, wind, tornadoes and other difficulties.

If you can spare some positive energy for those affected, that would be appreciated. So far there are no fatalities reported, which is amazing. I hope it remains that way.

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Thank You Notes

I received a lovely thank you note today from Guy, who was the Taste of Home Cooking Show host. It was such a nice surprise.

Thank you notes are so rare anymore. I still like to write them, but the last time I was inspired to write one I couldn't locate a physical address to send it to. Our world has definitely changed. I ended up having to send an email, which lacks the same thrill.

Getting real mail is something I miss. My mailbox generally holds bills and magazines these days. I'm annoyed by the bills because I pay everything online and they're wasting paper sending me statements. The magazines have piled up lately without me finding time to enjoy them fully.

So it was a real treat to pull an envelope out of the mailbox with my name handwritten on it, and find a handwritten card inside. I'm sure it takes him a considerable amount of time to write notes to everyone who helps him. He does multiple shows in a row, and has 5-6 helpers at each one. He even included a mention of something indicating he knew who I was. Very impressive.

Those things do still matter. In fact, they might matter even more these days.

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