Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Back to Real Life

It's time to get back to real life. I always find this difficult and it makes me think I need to change my daily life. You shouldn't want to escape it - you should be loving it.

Of course, there are always parts of every day I love and today was no exception. I got to have lunch with Teresa and it was fun to see her and catch up on the holidays. I also popped in to say hi to Diana after lunch.

Otherwise, I've been working on things all day. I have a ton of things to get done. I haven't even gotten the car completely unpacked yet. But I've managed to trash my living room in just getting a few things out.

One cool part of my day was I took the birthday and Christmas money I got from Greg's mom and purchased an expansion card for my PDA. So, now I can listen to podcasts at length, which I will love. Whenever people give me money I try to buy something specific with it instead of letting it just be frittered away in the usual way money goes through people's hands.

I have thought about buying an Ipod but now I want to see what happens with the Zune. And, if I just use my PDA I only have to carry one device.

The trick now is to find some comfy headphones. I've bought two different ones and they are both too big for my ears. My ears, apparently, are smaller than the norm. I honestly had no idea - not like you see the inside of your ears very often - but there you go. Anyway, finding some comfy headphones would complete the setup now.

In sad news, Greg's mom had to let Miss Kitty go today. She has been ill and I suspected they were not going to get a good report from the vet today. I don't know all the details, but I'm sad about it.

I think I was the first to meet Miss Kitty when she wandered up onto Greg's mom's porch about 10 years ago. I said hello to her and petted her and pretty soon Greg's mom had a cat. In true cat fashion, I think she was never more adorable than when she was making that first impression. That's how cats are - they know when to turn on the charm - they are marketing geniuses.

I was already familiar with this because Greg and I had a 16 pound cat who had made himself at home in our lives a bit before then. Come to think of it, I was the first one who met him, too. That first meeting involved some tuna fish and, not surprisingly, he returned and pretty soon Greg and I had a cat.

It's very hard to lose a pet, but letting them go becomes the last act of love you can give them. I know it's going to be hard on her, as well as Greg and Steve who are both there. I will miss her, too.