Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Sentences that Have Not Been Uttered Previously

Friends and I have an ongoing discussion about "sentences that have not been uttered previously."

Our latest favorite is, "If you're not going to sell it, it doesn't matter what it's worth. You might as well glue it to your jackalope."

I am the proud speaker in this case, referring to Greg wanting to glue some toy goggles from GI Joe on Ace Jackalope before the cruise.

Bush Visits LA

So... Bush is visiting Louisiana. Again. Finally. What is this? Seven times?

OK, quite uncharacteristically, I'm going to cut him some slack. Yes, it's too little too late. But if he were sitting in the white house, or - more likely - on vacation, I'd be bitching about that. So, just this once, I'm going to cut him some slack.

This seems to be a no-win situation. And regardless of your party affiliation or your views on the man in the white house, no one would be able to walk the right "fine line" after the Katrina debacle. That debacle is a different discussion. For the moment, I'm just going to give him a break and say no one could figure this mine field out.

And, no, I'm not getting soft. Just trying to be objective.