Thursday, April 28, 2005

Question of the Day

The question posed was:
"What was the first thing you thought of this morning when you woke up?"

My answer is:
The same thing I think of every morning -
"wow... great... amazing... incredible... this is fabulous... I woke up... nothing bad happened over night... I still have all my faculties... everyone I love is still safe... I can still walk, talk, see, hear, etc... thank you, God... it's going to be a great day..." And I run down my stairs, eager to get about the day, knowing this may be my last one so I'd better get about living it while I have it.

Psychic Medium Reading

Tonight I went to see a psychic medium. She lives in a neighboring town and Trish invited me to go. Someone she works with was hosting it at her house.

I invited Diana and she invited someone she just met through her store, who I really liked. It's interesting to be in a group of people, not knowing too much about many of them, and see how you bond together. Always fascinating.

I did get a reading tonight. I said I'd like to hear from my mom. She said my mom was saying that she was very well treated in the hospital - and she was, because we insisted on it. She said my mother calls me a nurse, that I was a good care giver. I did not feel like I was, but if my mom felt I was, that's all that matters. She then asked who was a huge coffee drinker. I said my father was. She said my dad was holding my mother's hand. They were not affectionate by the time I came along, but surely they were at some point. She then asked who the "Jim" was - my brother. Then she asked who the "P" was - of course I'm Patsy. Then she asked who the "Ann" was - that's my middle name. She asked who the "L" was. We have a lot of middle names that are "Lee" - including my other brother. Later I realized that my mother's mother's name was Pearl - that could have been the "P" and my father's father was Luther, which could have been the "L." I had a great aunt named Ann that I was close to, too.

She next said she saw a map spread out in front of me. Of course, I love to travel. She said I have many, many trips left to take - some that I can't even imagine yet. She asked if my glove compartment was a mess and said there was a card in there that was lost. She also asked if I was at the library a lot - and I am.

I was wearing my Klogs - red shoes - tonight. She said there was laughter from my mother about my shoes, which there would have been if she had seen them. She said there was tons of energy around me. And that my mother thought I should have been in a beauty contest - that I was very beautiful. I guess every mother thinks that about their daughter, of course.

After things were over, she told me that she saw a flag over me - it was a white flag of surrender - she asked me what I'd had to surrender. There's one thing I feel in the process of surrenderring but I'm not sure that's it. She also said she was getting the WW2 story about the Japanese that hid in the cave and didn't know for two years that the war was over. She said I needed to come out of the cave and it would all be OK. Obviously, I'm going to have to think about this some more.

One of the most interesting things she said tonight was to all of us and it was that, "We are a servant of all mankind." That no matter what we're doing that we're to be serving. Another concept I'm going to think more about.

All in all it was an interesting evening. This lady has a website - but I haven't really had a chance to look at it fully yet - I just got home.

Tonight I was taking notes and ended up giving away all the notes to the individuals they were for, other than my own. Anyway, as a result I can't remember too much about the others and it's probably not appropriate for me to share it here anyway. But, some of the messages were pretty specific.

I feel there's a real shift happening in Kansas - that we are becoming more and more open to this sort of energy information that's all around us. There is a lot going on here. Interesting to be living here at this time. You can feel the shifts occurring.