Monday, July 19, 2010

Fresh Peach Cobbler

My friend, Jill, has a peach tree. A prolific peach tree. Today she posted that she was bringing peaches to her office and anyone who wanted some could come by with a paper bag and help themselves.

I called her right after five to see if she was still at the office and still had peaches. The answer to both questions was "yes" so I ran by on my way home.

This called for getting out Mama's recipe. At some point when I was a kid I typed some of her recipes. Of course, now I wish I had the original recipes, but I do have a lot of them in her handwriting.

I had a little over two cups of peaches once they were peeled and cut.

It was a little too much for the dish, but I put a cookie sheet under it and let it run over the edges. I love those crusty edges.

Thanks for sharing, Jill!