Friday, July 20, 2012

Colorado Shooting and Conspiracy Theorists

Twelve people are dead and dozens more wounded because of a shooting in a crowded theater in Colorado. Yelling fire in a crowded theater suddenly doesn't sound so bad.

Before the dead have even been identified and their families notified, the conspiracy theorists are at it. I find this incredibly cruel. Why add to the pain of grieving families?

It's fascinating that the people who seem most likely to believe in conspiracy theories are the same people who have no faith in the government. But somehow they believe this same government is able to plan, execute and cover up incredibly complex events. How can both of those beliefs coexist?

I do not believe in conspiracies. At least none that I've heard yet.

I think government does some things really well. But planning and executing complex events has to involve humans. And, covering up anything relies on humans to be quiet. Big, big, big flaw in the conspiracy plan. So far, throughout human history, that hasn't happened. People cannot resist telling what they know. How many crimes are solved because someone blabs to a bartender, or one inmate brags to another. Even Deep Throat couldn't resist revealing his identity before his death. We do not have it in us to keep what we know to ourselves.

So, no, I don't believe in conspiracy theories because it would demand capabilities that are beyond humans. However, I know there are others who do, and that's their choice. I do wish they could curb their enthusiasm for conspiracy theories until those who are grieving have some time to do that. Why be so cruel?

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