Wednesday, August 09, 2006

John Doll speaks at Democratic Women's Club

John Doll was the speaker at Democratic Women's Club in Hutchinson today. He's running for congress against Jerry Moran, who's a long time incumbent.

Doll taught school for many years and really wants to change the system we have. I'm including more info from his website below.

The first district in Kansas includes 69 counties, so it's a lot of area to cover. He is traveling pretty much constantly, trying to meet people.

I am continually amazed by the dedication of people who run for office. As ALWAYS, I encourage you to vote. When you don't vote you are, by default, casting your vote for whoever wins.

Reba Gunzinger was at the meeting today. Pat Patucek brought her as a guest. Reba is the new gift shop buyer for the Underground Salt Museum that will be opening in Hutchinson later this year. It was really good to see her. The last time we ran into each other was at Lowes. I'm looking forward to getting to see her more often.

It's funny how there are people who you cross paths with repeatedly in life and Reba is one of those for me. I really like her a lot. We've been acquaintances for years, and I've always wanted to get to know her better.

I also had a really nice talk with Jeanette Mull today. Now that she has her studio next door to my office we get to see each other more often. She's someone I reconnected with last fall that I have always enjoyed.

From John Doll's website -
John lives in Garden City with his wife, Janet, daughter, Hayley, and son, Ethan. When you speak with John, you find he is friendly, warm, and personable. John explains it this way, "I really value the opportunity to meet my neighbors throughout our district. I listen carefully to all they tell me - to make sure that I truly understand their concerns, hopes, and priorities." As your congressman, John will be exactly the same as he is now - compassionate, concerned, and committed.

John graduated from St. Mary of the Plains College, and for 20 years taught the subjects of history and government in Kansas public schools. He loves sports and young people and has also served as athletic coach in Kansas schools.

John has an extensive agricultural background, first learning machinery operation, seasonal responsibilities, and the importance of teamwork on his family's farm. As a young man, John was also put to work in the family-owned feed yards and grain elevators. Later, he gained experience as crop chemical applicator and crop insurance adjustor. At present, John owns and operates a successful chemical application business in southwest Kansas.

John values family, faith, and service to country. John's parents and grandparents worked their acres, developing successful agricultural businesses in the entrepreneurial spirit of wanting to make a better life for their children. John's parents emphasized to him the importance of hard work, generosity to neighbors, help for those less fortunate, and a duty to serve his community and country. These values now comprise the backbone of John's philosophy about life, government, and service to others. John says, "We must return our government to its roots and its rightful owners, that is, a government 'by and for the people'."