Thursday, June 02, 2005

Slowing Down Time

I've been tied to my computer keyboard most of the day, trying to get things done for the garden tour. It's on June 19 and I am SOOOO behind. So, nothing I can do about it but work harder. So, that's what I've been doing since early this morning until now. I'm headed to bed soon. Otherwise, I'll get a second wind and be up until 4 a.m.

I did take time for lunch today with Susan N. It's always so fun to see her. I also had to go drop off the rent check for the MHA office space. I thought I was being so smart and had mailed it. Well, in my flurry of thoughts about the garden tour I mailed it to myself. I was quite surprised to get it out of the box today. Anyway, I ran that down to their office.

That's the second stupid thing I found out today that I did recently. I also sent a cookbook review to Kansas Country Living that didn't include the ordering information. So, I put a click on my website for folks. I think maybe I'm thinking about too many things all at one time. Apparently even I have a limit and I've exceeded it.

I really need to slow down time just a little bit. I'm behind. That would help so much if I could only do that.