Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Operating Systems and Orchestras

It has been a few days since I opened the new computer - it's a very basic computer, but faster than my old one. I'm still working out the kinks. I've loaded only the most essential software and have discovered that many things don't work with the new operating system.
A piece of advice I always give to others is to not jump into anything when it's the first version. What did I do? Jump into the first version. And now I'm paying the price. You can google until you're blue in the face and find no references to your problems. When I've found a few more "fixes" I'll write a blog post about them so maybe someone else will benefit.
Tonight Greg, Sharon and I went to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra in Wichita. I had not seen them before and it was fun - I mean it's largely Christmas music, how could I not like it. My favorite part was when it snowed on us. Yes! It snowed in the auditorium.
I can't quite classify the performance, but I think it's about:
5 parts 80s hair band
2 parts Las Vegas
1 part over the top broadway histrionics
1 part Yanni
I reserve the right to change those percentages as I think more about it.
It was fun, and I was amazed at the wide age spread. There was everything from teenagers to senior citizens attending. It was neat to see the show.
Well, time for bed for me. I had the day off today but tomorrow it's back in the routine.

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