Saturday, June 04, 2005

Prompts - 3

1. ...ridden on a rollercoaster?
no... always hated them... When I was a teenager my friends talked me into riding the one at Opryland. We were in line when it jumped the tracks and three people died. If I had needed any additional proof I was not supposed to ride rollercoasters, that sealed it.

2. ...performed (in any area of the arts) onstage?
yes... plays, piano, singing, chorus, etc.

3. ...planted a garden?
Yes... and as soon as I get all my weeds killed in my front flowerbed I'll be doing it again.

4. ...ever had to reformat your hard drive due to a virus/spyware?
yes... at work... not sure the cause... but watched it being rewritten with 0s and 1s... supposedly had backups on the server but it had "malfuctioned" - it's an ugly, ugly, ugly thing to watch those 0s and 1s

5. ...written a book? A poem? A song?
yes... yes... yes on all three

6. ...sang karaoke?
no... I've sang with a band but never with prerecorded music

7. ...been interviewed by a local tv station/newspaper?
yes and yes... I've also done the interviews for both...

8. ...witnessed a tornado/earthquake/hurricane first-hand?
I've been in many earthquakes, although not major ones. I grew up near the New Madrid fault line which is the HUGE one in the US. If it ever really goes, it will take out about half the country. Last time it really went, the Mississippi river ran backwards for three days.

A tornado hit my town a few years ago and I was in the tallest building in town during it (not tall at all!) and didn't even know until I got home and found my then-bf in the basement with the cat.

I've covered many of them after the fact. I live in Kansas now. Unfortunately they're pretty common.

9. ...participated in a photo scavenger hunt?
no... done scavenger hunts but not photo ones

10. ...traveled to another country?
yes... multiple other countries - my faves are France, Egypt and Guatemala... so far


More prompts from a list...

Sun - What is the one thing you need to get finished this week?
garden tour prep

Mon - What is one item that you own that you really should throw away ... but probably never will?
my shirt Kyle Macy signed in the early 1980s - when he was hot stuff and I was wild about him (Basketball player for those of you not in-the-know about KY Wildcats B ball)

Tues - What are the 3 main influences in your life?
my family, my ex bf (we remain good friends), my faith

Wed - What makes you laugh?
tons of things - love wit and sarcasm - all of my friends are funny - it's almost a "requirement" to be my friend :)

Thurs - What is the most inexpensive, non-valuable thing you tend to collect and hoard?
rocks... love 'em... been picking them up since I could walk.. so... 41 years now... can't resist them... When I was moving it got to be a joke that every purse, decorative box or dish was likely to have a rock inside it.

Fri What do you daydream about?
being able to devote every day to BEING ME and not having to work for a living... and yet having enough money that I NEVER have to think about it... don't want to live extravagantly - just don't want to ever have to devote another thought to money - cannot think of many subjects more dull� I guess it's fine for some people, but I am certain I'm not meant to be devoting much thought to money in this lifetime

Sat What is your favorite Saturday pastime?
varies... do the same things on Saturday I do all week - see friends, go to lunch.... maybe take a little weekend trip.... paint in the studio


Many journaling lists I'm on offer prompts all the time - questions you can answer to the list or on your own. I rarely journal with these sorts of things but I do enjoy just answering them on occasion. It occurred to me I should post them here - just for fun. So... here's one of them...

In your lifetime, have you.....

1. been physically present at a (human) birth?

2. been physically present at a (human) death?

3. eaten raw meat?

4. been forced to eat something that you found
absolutely repulsive, in order to "be polite" or for compelling cultural or
social reasons?

no - I'm NOT an adventurous eater... at all... I covered my head when I was Egypt but I wouldn't drink the tea after everyone else had... sorry... no can do... I have a "germ thing"

5. eaten an entire pan of brownies, an entire cake, or at least half a gallon of ice cream, at one sitting?
no... I've overeaten all of the above but never a whole container

6. ridden in the back of a police car (not under

7. fired a gun?
yes - many times

8. been on a TV or movie set?
yes - many times

9. written a children's book?

10. been somewhere you were DEFINITELY not supposed to be, and escaped without being caught?
yes - many times :)

11. been photographed with a Famous Person?

12. hugged or smooched a Famous Person

Time Keeps On Slipping... Into the Future

We all know that times keeps on slipping into the future. We all know we're supposed to be living every day to the fullest. We all know all that stuff, except how to do it.

I'm pretty good about living in the moment. Trust me, it has positives and negatives. If you're living only in the moment you're likely to have far less saved for the future than you should. Your 401K plan seems like something that's going to make your eyes glaze over.

But, if you're living in the moment, you're probably happy. Because whatever is happening is OK with you.

So, it's a catch 22 in the most traditional sense. If you need anything that will make you feel the urge to get off your butt and stop reading blogs, check this out... A visual reminder that time is slipping... into the future... continuously.