Thursday, February 09, 2006


The last couple of days I've had some good times with friends. When I'm working on something intensely as I have been the last few weeks, I always make it a point to have some fun everyday. Otherwise, I get really bitchy. None of us wants that. Especially not me. I can't get away from me.

Yesterday, Virginia and I went to lunch. It's a rare treat to get to have lunch with her and always pleasant. We went to Jeanettes, and I had not eaten there at lunch, so it was good to try out something new. Virginia came up to the office because she hadn't been there before and wanted to see it.

After work I called Teresa and asked if she wanted to get a bite to eat. I hadn't had a chance to see her lately and was missing her. We had a fun conversation.

Today I went to Horizons to judge a chili contest along with two other board members. It was a neat event. Jane pulls off some cool events out there. She's a jewel.

I only ate a little bit of each because Jocelyn and I were going to lunch afterwards. It's rare to catch her, so that was a treat.

Our energy healer is in town, and I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon. Then tomorrow evening she's giving a speech, which I'm going to attend. I've worked so many long days lately that I'm taking tomorrow afternoon off. I just have to have a little break. Plus, my day is starting at 6 in the morning with a speech, so it's not like it will be a leisurely start to the day! But, that's OK. I'll have time to get a lot done before lunch with Trish and Teresa.

Music for Art of Gracious Living

I'm so excited to learn this morning that I have permission to use Tino Izzo's music for the Art of Gracious Living Podcasts. Chacra Music has given me permission to use a bit of the music as a signature for the podcasts. The cut I will be using initially is "Elusive Memories" from the "Foreign Skies" CD.

This was an incredibly popular CD when I worked at Radio Kansas and I have loved having a copy of it. "Elusive Memories" is the Art of Gracious Living in sound, so I'm thrilled to have permission to use it. They are being most generous.

When I started thinking about music for the podcast, this was the first CD that came to mind. I ran to the kitchen and got it out of the CD player and popped it into the computer. It took only about 12 seconds to realize that this particular cut was perfect.

I had grown very attached to the idea of using it, so I'm tickled they have given permission. I realize many people who do podcasts just use music without permission, but I did not want to abuse the rights of the artist or his record company.

I will be posting additional information about the music, and a link to their website will become a permanent part of this page, but I wanted to share the good news right away.