Monday, August 14, 2006

Voting for Jack Wempe

I'm working on a post about Jack Wempe's run for the State Board of Education. We desperately need him. Ken Willard, his incumbent opponent, is a right winger who thinks we should ignore science and teach religion instead. He and the other fools have made Kansas a laughing stock. They talk a lot about "brain drain" here - well, no wonder - what self-respecting, intelligent parent of young children would want to "educate" them in a state where we just decide to ignore basic science?

I saw Jack this weekend at Kansas Dialogue and we talked about the election just briefly. Jack is a great guy - one of the most thoughtful people you'd ever want to meet. He is coming to this race with great credentials and I know he will do a fabulous job for the 7th, and all of Kansas as a member of the state board of education. Look for more about him here soon.

Donna Viola, who lost to Willard in the primary, has thrown her support to Wempe, too. I hope the voters pay attention and do the right thing. I think given the way the primaries turned out that we're going to end up with a more moderate board, regardless, but Willard is one of the WORST offenders and he needs to go. To top it off, we can get rid of him and put in Jack Wempe, who's a great choice all around.

Sometimes I wish I didn't care so much about politics, but it's so important. I'm only the second generation of women in my family to have the right to vote and I always exercise it.


I have been droopy today - maybe a little allergy from something on the farm Saturday afternoon. I went to bed very early last night and at 3 woke up with a horrible sore throat. I went out to buy some zinc and started taking it immediately and although I was pretty tired today the other symptoms are better. I wasn't going to take a chance on it being a cold and not getting zinc into my system quickly.

We were supposed to have a board meeting tonight for Arts and Humanities but it was cancelled so I didn't have to do that, either. Unfortunately, I did not get a whole lot done today, so I'll have to work harder tomorrow. But, sometimes your body says "rest," and if you don't let it have what it wants you find yourself sick in bed for a very long time.