Friday, August 06, 2010

Books from 1961, hand crocheted linens and recipe files

Last weekend I ran across this book, "Mike Mars, Astronaut," at a yard sale. It was published in 1961 and had some cool illustrations in it. I bought it, along with some others, with the idea of using them in artwork.

But, before I started ripping that one up I thought I should see if it was something the museum would like. I had to go to the Cosmosphere last Saturday anyway because a newspaper crew was coming in, so I just took the book straight to the office. Monday I looked it up and found out it's the first in a series, and is worth a few dollars. When I say, "few," I mean five or six - not exactly the proverbial goldmine.

I ran into Meredith from collections on Saturday and mentioned it. Monday I sent her the info I'd found on it online. She told me they'd definitely like to have it, so I donated it to the museum.

It's kind of cool that I've had any part in putting something in a museum, but it's not like it was my long loved, dearly appreciated book from childhood. Regardless, it's fun.

This has been a frantically busy week. Monday night I made calls for Trish, Tuesday night I was at the courthouse for the returns. Wednesday evening I went to the library for a scheduled meeting but no one else was there so it was obviously cancelled and I had missed that information. Thursday was hectic all day at work and then we had the Social Media Club gathering after work. Today I worked until 7 tonight and didn't even take a lunch break. Now the weekend is here and there are a ton of things I need to get done here. Tuesday night is Creative Sisterhood so I have to clean up enough everyone has a place to sit! They don't expect much more than that from me.

It's quite odd, really, because I'm drawn to photos and the idea of having a house that's a delight to be in all the time. But my own house is cluttered here and there with projects and books and dishes and other things I collect. Of course I could get rid of all those things, but I like them. There's the rub - finding a way to live with the things I love. I just can't imagine a time when I'm going to pass up a stack of hand crocheted doilies and such. I am most likely going to buy them to bring them home and love them if they're affordable.

I realize that none of these things are valuable to other people, and when I'm gone they'll be in the yard with 25 cents written on them, but in the meantime I enjoy them and love them. Maybe I just have extra love for those sorts of things.

This weekend is the flea market. I was thinking it has been awhile since I've run across a recipe card file box for sale. I love those things, filled with recipes deemed important for that life, and that family. Maybe I'll find one this weekend. Who knows what I'll find, but something wonderful I'm betting.

Interesting Things

I've not been writing as much here lately because I'm writing more by hand. I'm turning a lot of things over in my mind and trying to figure some things out.

I wrote last night about being blessed to have friends who are doing interesting things. This leads to the natural question of what am I doing that's interesting. I'm puzzling over that. Trying to answer that honestly. I fear I'm not too pleased with the answer so far.

Eventually, when I've figured it out a bit more, I'll share here. But at the moment all of these thoughts are in the pen and paper stage.