Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Chicks and More

Tonight was Chicks and it was an exceptional gathering. I almost forgot because I was really busy, running around today. Thank goodness I didn't. It was a really good gathering.

Sometimes there's lots of news, and sometimes we just touch base - tonight was full of important things.

Always fascinating to gather with people.

I was thinking earlier today that one of the best parts of the leadership class is going to be getting to know these other people, people I would probably not meet just going through my days.

We need to find new ways to foster those connections in people.

I'm going to be sharing more photos and tidbits from the leadership class in the next few days and doing some general catching up on the blog. I can get a bit behind - witness that Puerto Rico hasn't been blogged and that was over a year ago!

Last night I got some podcasts in the bag. I'm making an effort to get things under control in my life.