Friday, January 26, 2007

Blue Skies and Thin Ice

I'm spending my Friday night writing grants. Yes, I know, I lead an exciting life. But, I'm working tonight because I took some time this afternoon to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather. It got up into the 50s and I didn't want to miss out.

Greg and I went to Carey Park to feed the ducks and geese, and then out to Dillon Nature Center to walk around and be in the sun.

I was amazed at the number of geese at Dillon Nature Center. The pond was frozen over and they were all sitting there. We must be on a migratory route.

Dillon Nature Center is home to many, many birds. We noticed a number of nests.

We also spotted a cicada's leavings on a tree trunk and lots of unusual trees. It is a research facility and quite well respected. There are tons of varieties out there so it's always worth a walk around.

We cut the walk short today because my Croc shoes were getting full of ice and snow and that was uncomfortable. I thought - hey - plastic shoes - good for wet weather. Not so much in this case.

There were the usual guys out fishing, including this one who was standing on the frozen pond.

This was despite the sign that said not to get on the ice. The sign he had to walk by to get to the fishing dock. Don't you love how we humans are so confident?

Also, see those rough places in front of him and all around him? Some of those are holes in the ice. Yes, holes.

And see what happens when there are holes in the ice? Thin Ice. Yes, cracks. Big cracks.

I believe all of this relates to the sign to not get on the ice.

There is another small pond that is more shallow that you were allowed to ice skate on - at your own risk.

It was so nice to be outside and in the sun. Teresa and I had lunch today and we were talking about how we all need to go outside more.

We were even greeted with beautiful blue skies and a moon rise. How can you beat that?