Monday, November 03, 2008

Barack the Vote


the Vote

Get out and Vote on Tuesday, if you haven't already voted. Take everyone you know with you. This is one of the most important elections in our country's history, which is why turnout is expected to be so high. VOTE! If you don't go to the polls, you're voting for the winner, whoever that is. Speak your piece.
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Early Voting Affecting Election

We've all been hearing a lot about early voting this year. CNN has been tracking it in each state where it's available. You can go to this map and see how many early ballots have been cast in your state. Some states are broken down by democrat and republican votes. It's up to date as of the end of October for Kansas and more than 223,000 have voted. That's just incredible. Very interesting how this will change the face of elections.

I have not voted early - I want to go to the polls. I just want to be part of the experience of voting on this historic days. But, I could have voted early and may well do it in the future.

This is fascinating to look at.

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Tea in St. John

I went to tea in St. John today with Teresa, Julie and Jan. This was the first time Teresa has been to this tea and, unfortunately, it was not their best year. Last year it was just stunning with quilts for table cloths and amazing entertainment from Barry Ward.

They did have some beautiful china in use today and that's always fun. This was the cup at our table. I loved the silvery gray color. I took bottled water with me because I can't have caffeine and I think it's unreasonable to ask people to manage bringing me water when they're juggling three different kinds of tea for everyone else to choose.

As always, there were not enough savories compared to sweets - a problem at every tea I attend - and something I try to address with my teas. The only non-sweet items were the mini-quiche, the puff, and the cucumber sandwich. Everything else was sweet - even the scones had chocolate chips in them. I always leave tea sugar-logged.

I chose tea today instead of going to see Jungle Jack Hanna at the Fox. Tickets were the same price for both. I had no qualms about my choice when I made it, but in retrospect I think I made the wrong decision.

Greg and Mia went to the Fox and report that Jack Hanna had not only the expected large snake, but also a cheetah. I wish I'd seen the cheetah on stage. Oh well, we live and learn. Besides, every experience has some good in it and this was no exception. Today I got to hear beautiful harp music but missed seeing a big cat. Always choices.
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