Saturday, October 01, 2011

We're Funny... Or so we like to think...

A few weeks ago in Joplin, Greg, his girlfriend Mia, his mom, and I were out to lunch and Greg and I happened to be sitting next to each other. We were joking around about something and his girlfriend took this photo of us. We were amused by our over-the-top, Up With People, we could be backup singers for the Andy Williams Christmas show, smiling faces.

Frankly, Greg and I might have been more amused than anyone else. Regardless, Greg promptly put it on his mom's computer as a screen saver as soon as we got back.

I offered to take a similar picture of Greg and Mia, but for reasons that remain a mystery she shuddered a bit and, seemingly unconsciously, violently shook her head, before regaining her composure and saying sweetly, "Oh, no, that's okay." I assured her it was no bother at all and I'd be happy to do it. After more involuntary shuddering she held up her hand as if to deflect any further suggestion and said more firmly, "No, really, that's okay." I let it drop. It seemed prudent.

That aside, the important thing to note about this story is that we bumped the cat off as the screen saver. Yes, the cat! We bumped the cat off the screen saver. I'm not sure that has been done in years.

Okay, in reality, I'm not sure his mom knows how to change the screen saver back to the cat, but that's incidental. Had she said to change it back Greg would have. So, Greg and I are feeling pretty proud of ourselves. WE BUMPED THE CAT!

I had forgotten about the photo and haven't been back to Joplin since then. The other night Greg sent me this updated one. His brother, Steve, is there and Steve added his own notes to the screen. Apparently, he is less amused than Greg and I were. I have decided he's grumpy.

Maybe what we really need is a similar picture of Steve and Mia...

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I might be geeky...

You know how every once in awhile, you have a moment of self-awareness? At least I hope that's not just me. Well, I had one tonight while I was reading this article about Relativity and how recent experiments have turned the world of physics upside down.

It occurred to me that it's Friday night and I'm reading about physics. I might be in the minority.

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