Saturday, August 05, 2006

Art of Gracious Living #34

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We have so few opportunities to have quiet in our lives, but it is essential to leading a gracious life.

Noise is the number two complaint in restaurants, yet they continue to play loud music because it causes you to eat faster and drink more. Restaurant owners want to sell you more product and get you to consume it quicker so they can seat someone else there and sell them more product more quickly.

Unfortunately, this leaves us with less time and inclination to talk with our companions, making the connections that are essential to a gracious life.

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I'm watching Craig Ferguson, as I do almost every night. I've decided it must be me and a bunch of impotent men who are devoted to the show because they have constant ads for Viagra and Levitra.

Again, I ask, "When did all the men in America become impotent?"

I've seen the Viagra commercial a bazillon times now where they guy is watching a game but wants to follow his woman off to the bedroom. So, he picks up a video tape while the announcer says something like, "there's only one great passion, unless you're really clever." Clever? People have been using videotapes for decades now. Actually, we've pretty much stopped using them now. The fact that the guy can put a video tape in is not an indication he's clever.

Levitra is obviously geared to men with medical issues. Viagra is geared toward men who are pretty - but not very bright.