Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Water, Water, Water

I'm watching yet another program about global warming and how it's going to cause a dramatic rise in sea level, while at the same time dramatically diminishing the fresh water supply. That, of course, will mean a lack of food.

We have known about this for a very long time. We remain unwilling to give up our gas guzzling vehicles, to not water our lawns or even to use compact flourescent blubs on a large scale. We continue to forge ahead as if there is no problem. We give a lot of lip service to "our children and grandchildren" but we don't change our ways.

I have officially given up trying to affect this, on anything other than a personal level. I'm just thankful I did not bring any children into the world. And I certainly do not intend to.

Ultimately, the Earth will survive in some fashion, and life will survive in some fashion, it simply may not be human life. So be it.

Digging Out Life

It has been another full day. Once I get through this week I'm going to take a day or two to gather my thoughts. I have some personal projects I need to work on. Thank goodness it's a holiday weekend coming up. Even though I might not get a lot done, at least others will stop for a day and that means more new things won't come into my world. That is a huge bonus at this point.

However, I did take time at lunch today to go to Diana's store and help her a bit. She has moved the Dancing Grouse to 125 N. Main, right across the street from my office. I went in and helped put jewelry into the counter and move some things around. Things look really good for having just moved everything in yesterday. Apparently, numerous people have helped, including Debbie and Teresa. I wish I could inspire people to help me with projects. Others seem to have some magic I don't possess. It was good to get to help out.

Tonight was a gathering for the NewComer's group. I hadn't seen Peggy in quite a while, so it was good to connect with her. I'm really optimistic about the NewComer's group this time around - we've got more people involved and that's good.

Well, I need to find a bit more energy to do a few more things in the house before I go up to bed. I'm trying to get things a little bit more normal in my world. When I do a tea I use a lot of my own things and it takes a while to get everything washed and put away afterwards. This time I have all the new table cloths to wash too, so it will really take some time.

I don't have anything time specific until 2 tomorrow afternoon so I think I will spend the morning working on digging out my life a bit.