Saturday, June 25, 2005

Art Style or Rut

Tonight I have been looking at artwork on the web. I don't know what you call this phenomenon, but I see it over and over again. Some people do only "cute" things, even if their subject is somewhat macabre. It might as well be bunnies and chicks. I think they could make the skull and crossbones look like a duck with a beribboned hat perched on its head. How do they do that? Is it intentional? Or is it just as it is?

I find in my own work, that regardless of what I attempt, what elements I use, the finished product is always "intense" in some way - color, form, whatever. Recently I ran across some art work I had done in college and, although the details are different, the theme is the same now - colors mixed in abstract ways to form their own pattern and form. It seems to be my "rut." It doesn't matter if it's paint, yarn, cloth, pencil or some other medium it always ends up the same basic format.

About a year ago I tried to do "cute" and could not accomplish it. I managed to make a postcard that had soft colors and a rose on it. That softness was a real departure for me. I do like the card, but it did not come natural to me.

Even when I make jewelry or art dolls or something outside the realm of paint, they turn out to rely on color and/or form for their distinctiveness.

I guess you could call it "style" but it's also limiting. We should be able to step outside our norm.

I should be sketching bunnies now...