Thursday, December 18, 2008

Father Frost

I just love it when Father Frost makes a holiday appearance.
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Nothing witty

I'm afraid I have nothing witty, interesting or insightful to share with you today. My brain power has been occupied with work details. There's much to do for a non-profit at year end. I'm afraid little of it is particularly interesting. It's mostly paperwork sorts of things. But, it's necessary nonetheless. So, I've been immersing myself in it, trying to slog through.

It's hard to believe that Christmas is one week away. I'm not ready! I want more Christmas season!

We go this gorgeous snow on Tuesday and I was so busy I didn't really get a chance to enjoy watching it. It seems a shame now that the actual holiday is so close. If I could just have a couple more weeks of Christmas season I'd love it. Just a couple more weeks. Please. Who's in charge of these things, anyway?

It's certainly not me. I want to move Thanksgiving to the end of September so we'd have Thanksgiving season, then Halloween season, then the Christmas season would start November 1.

Well, I must go get some rest. I have more mind-numbingly-dull paperwork to do tomorrow. Gosh, there's something to look forward to.

Actually, I do have something to look forward to tomorrow - lunch with Kristine and then tomorrow evening is my Children's Christmas open house. I tried to do this last year but cancelled because of the ice storm. So, this is the first go at it. Father Frost will be here. The candy canes are ready. We'll see how it goes. I don't know what to expect - there may be one kid or three or twenty or fifty. Whatever, it will be fun, I'm sure.
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