Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Scenes from My World

I took this photo late this afternoon. I'm very pleased with how it turned out. The white tulips are so delicate looking. I may have to print a copy of this.

I have other things starting to bloom, but still have empty spaces in the flower bed. I'm trying to take some pix as the spring progresses so next fall I'll know where I need to plant more bulbs.

I went to Lowes tonight to see what they had and although the store here didn't have as much selection as the one in Joplin did, they were selling beautiful Easter Lillies on clearance for $1. I brought three of those home. I got some raspberry bushes at the Joplin store on clearance - for $2 each. Hard to believe it's already clearance time for plants.

I'm not sure if you can plant Easter Lillies outdoors, but I'm betting you can. At only $3 for all of them, I'll just enjoy them inside if not. I need to do a little research on it yet.

I cannot resist having bouquets at home and at the office. This one I have on my desk at home has mint in it. I pulled up a lot today - not all of it, but a lot of it. More will grow. And that's what I love about mint. People say it's "invasive." I just say it's "hardy," and I like hardy. It grows easily, it smells good and it lasts a long time in water - seems like a nearly perfect plant to me. My office smells wonderful and so do my hands from when I picked it.

On the way back from Joplin, Greg and I stopped and ate at Mrs. C's in Fredonia. We found it through the Kansas Guidebook (of course!). The food wasn't spectacular, but it was OK and it was plentiful.

I snapped this photo as we came out of the restaurant. It's pretty much small town Kansas courthouse square. If you look closely, you can see the flag flying in the distance. Fredonia sports a very large flag. Very large.

Easter was nice with Miss Joy. Greg made baskets for all of us, which was cool. Can one ever have too much chocolate?