Saturday, September 30, 2006

Well, few things get my weekend off to a good start like news of the resignation of a Republican Representative. I am sorry that a young person had to be involved in this, but aside from that huge issue, I'm thrilled we have one less republican in congress.

A congressman who supposedly represents family values is talking dirty to a 16 year old boy online. Nice. And you know what, I don't care if you ever acted on it, or intended to, teling a 16 year old you want to slip his shorts off is inappropriate. And "inappropriate" in this case means I'm refraining from saying exactly what I think - I know, not like me, but there are some young people who read this blog.

Who knew this is what "family values" really meant all this time? I think it's also what "hypocricy" means.

Mark Foley's sexuality has been questioned for some time, just because he has never married. I always think that's a bit unfair. I haven't been married either. Of course, to my knowledge, no one has ever questioned my sexuality because I've had a number of very public relationships with men. If you don't have public relationships with the opposite sex, and you're in the public eye, the questions are going to arise.

However, I don't think anyone assumed he was interested in children, particularly given his position as co-Chairman of the Missing and Exploited Childrens Caucus. Who would have guessed that while he was advocating for children's rights to be free of sexual predators that he was one? I guess he knows of what he speaks. Those who protest the loudest are often the biggest offenders on any of the "sin issues." For the record, I'll confirm I am NOT a closet republican. Unlike Foley, who when asked about his orientation said, "I like women," I'll go further and say, "I like some republicans, but I am not one."

When asked by "The Advocate" in 1996 about his sexual orientation, Foley said, "Frankly, I don't think what kind of personal relationships I have in my private life is of any relevance to anyone else. I know one thing for certain: When I travel around the district every weekend, the people who attend my town meetings and stop me on the street corner certainly are a lot more concerned with issues like how I voted on welfare reform or whether or not Medicare is going to be there when they need it -- not the details of whom I choose to have a relationship with."

Well, Mr. Foley, I can guarantee you they would have been if they'd had any inkling you were interested in children. Many, many, many people don't give a flip if you're gay - me included - but we care a great deal if you have a penchant for using children for sexual pleasure. And, let me state for the record, in case there is anyone left in the world who doesn't know, who might stumble across this blog, there is NOT a relationship between homosexuality and a desire for children. Most sex crimes against children are committed by HETEROsexual men. OK... 'nuff said.

I hope the young man in quesion is doing OK.

Henna Tattoo - Six Days Old

This photo was taken the evening of Thursday the 21st, so, it's six days old at this point. I should state for the record that I spent a lot of time in the tub on Wednesday evening and that probably accelerated it's fading.

Monolithic Domes

When we went to Arlington Kansas for tea recently, we drove around town a bit and spotted these unusual structures.

Justin, a local guy, told us they are monolithic domes, which are great for energy efficiency. He had tried to convince his wife to get one, but she wanted a house with real walls and all.

There were three of them in a row - two finished and one they were working on.

I guess they are fire, earthquake, tornado and hurricane resistant.