Saturday, July 23, 2005

Full Saturday

I've had a very full but very productive Saturday - and I worked in some time for fun, too. How much more could one ask?

I rearranged my studio today to accommodate the furniture upstairs. I think if I'm careful and stack I can get everything that's upstairs into the studio and the bathroom - the two rooms I'm not having done.

I have confirmed with the Bart about the floors, and the drywall guy can get the ceiling in the library done this week, so that's a bonus. He's also going to repair the crack in the upstairs hallway wall. Well, he's going to mud over it and we'll hope for the best. Also, the guy who's going to help paint is coming late on Monday. So, it should be a busy week. I also need to get movers to take everything out for the floor guy.

Sondra has offered to let me stay with her while they do the floors, which is very sweet. Trish offered too. I guess it's like moving, you find out who your friends are. Terry and Jesse both offered to help move things and I think I may call them tomorrow and take them up on it. We'll see how the day goes.

Full Friday

Today has been a full, full day. To give you an idea of my schedule I haven't even had a chance to pick up my mail since I got back two nights ago.

This morning the drywall guy came and finished the ceiling repair in the dining room. I'm so glad to have that closet gone, although deciding where everything that was in there needs to go now is a bit of a challenge.

I'm not tickled about the ceiling in the first place - it has been lowered - but I just haven't had the guts to rip it out. It's lowered in the living room and dining room. Maybe one day I'll get that gutsy but I'm not there yet.

He did a great job matching what was already there. I also had him look at the ceiling in the upstairs room I'm going to make into a library. It is drooping and that can't be good news so I'm going to have to get it repaired.

I took some snaps of the garden today. I'm amazed at how much it has grown in the week I've been gone. It's all filled in now and very lush. It does have some grass so tonight I bought some of that stuff that kills grass but doesn't harm other things. I'll have to work on that tomorrow.

I'm not sure what has prompted the garden to go gang busters all of a sudden. It has been very, very, very hot here. So hot that today the Wichita zoo iced down the bears and served them apples frozen in ice. We're supposed to have temps over 100 for the next week or so I think.

When I left the rocks were very visible, now even the largest one is almost covered over. The squash vines are growing rapidly and the morning glories are huge, with big leaves. I know it's not the variety as these are all volunteer from last year's plants.

Whatever has happened, I seem to have done something right this year that I've failed to do previously.

Tonight Jesse called and asked about going to the Anchor. He had run into Terry in the hospital tunnel and they talked. So, Greg, Terry, Jesse and I went to Anchor for dinner about 7.

I recently got a new camera so we've been experimenting with it in all kinds of circumstances. I love this one of Jesse laughing.

After dinner I did some errands and Jesse and Greg came along. I had to go buy a copy of "Please Understand Me II." I want to use it for Altrusa on Tuesday night and the library's copy has been written on too much for what I want to do. Fortunately, there was one copy on the shelves at Hastings.