Sunday, May 13, 2012

White Roses For Mother's Day

On Mother's Day in 2001, we laid my mother to rest. She was buried with a corsage of white roses on her jewel-toned blouse. In the south on Mother's Day we wear a red rose if your mother is living, and a white one if your mother has passed. Mother's Day was on the 13th that year, just like today.

I haven't worn a Mother's Day rose since the year before when, through pure happenstance, I was with her. I wore a red rose on my dress to the services at Ohio Valley Church that morning. Little did I know it would be my last chance to wear a red rose.

When I bought my first house a few months after her death, I planted a rose bush in front - a white rose bush.

I will never have reason to wear another Mother's Day rose. My mother is gone, and I am not a mother. But, I'm so glad Mama had one last Mother's Day corsage.

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