Sunday, May 16, 2010

Participating in Life

A friend and I were talking this weekend and she was saying that she admired the way I was "participating" in life and she felt like she was a "spectator." Her perception, which I've heard from others, is that I do "cool stuff" and go to "interesting lectures" and have "neat events" at my home. She mentioned, as others have, that I have "a gift" for gathering people together.

She has asked if I would give some presentations about how to be a participant in life instead of letting life just happen. While I love to do speeches, I'm unclear what information I need to share in this case.

All of these things are natural to me. Because new thoughts inspire me I seek them out, and make things like lectures a priority. When I have an idea for an event I just pick a date and ask some friends to join me.

Because it all seems very straightforward to me, I cannot identify what would be beneficial to others. I asked her, "what do I know that others don't know?" She's thinking that over. Obviously, if I'm going to give a presentation on the topic I need to know what to cover. If you have any thoughts on the subject I'd be delighted to hear them.