Monday, September 05, 2005

46% Say Bush Handled Crisis Well

An ABC-Washington Post poll shows that 46% of Americans approve of how Bush has handled this disaster.

We are a heartless nation - at least 46% of us. And everyone of them votes apparently.

The man was on vacation playing guitar while people were dying.
hughes_for_america/2005/08/august_2930_200.html to see photos of what Bush was doing during the crisis.

People think this is an appropriate response. It was along party lines, so I guess I should say that Republicans think this is appropriate.


Honore for President

I'm ready for an Honore/Nagin ticket for 2008.

Help Katrina Victims at Your Computer

This is a message from Rain, on one of my discussion lists. She is helping to house victims of Hurricane Katrina and offers this as a way anyone with a computer can help.

I checked it out and am going to be doing it myself, but wanted to post it here right away. This is a way you can do something right now from your computer in your own comfortable home. And it doesn't even cost anything.

With apologies to Rain, I'm just copying over her message below. Lets all DO this!!!

A group of people have started compiling *all* the diverse databases and message boards for missing and found notices, into one central database, to better aid the search for survivors and to help people
reunite with family.

You can help by claiming "chunks" of messages on various boards and then entering them into the central database. If you go to the link I posted above, you'll be taken to the main wiki page. On the right
hand side menu bar, you'll see something called PeopleFinder. Click on that and it'll tell you exactly what to do to help, the instructions are clear and very easy. It is just taking data from one page and entering it onto a form a few times. It doesn't take very
long to enter a chunk of data.