Monday, April 17, 2006


I am sad tonight. Profoundly, deeply, sad.

It will pass...

It has been a quiet Easter for me. We went to lunch and then I've worked on projects most of the afternoon and evening.

I had a lot of MHA things I wanted to get done and have managed to get a lot of things out the door, so that's good. I love the idea that at 8 a.m. numerous people will find things in their email from me!

I've also been working on the podcasts for the press packet for Art of Gracious Living. I'm hoping to finish that up this week if at all possible. Frankly, it seems I'm working on something every moment of every bit of free time away from work and I still can't get everything done I want to do.

I emailed the materials I had done already to a few people late last week, and got some great suggestions from people of things I could do differently. I'm going to work on those tomorrow night I hope. I try to schedule things into my world and when something changes, it can really throw things out of whack.

I found out earlier this week that I've been accepted to an artist's retreat next month so I have to get a lot done so I can go to that. I've never had a whole week to devote to nothing but creating, so it will be interesting I'm sure.

I had my last coaching session last week and I'm missing the idea of it, but am so incredibly thankful for the experience. She really did me a world of good in so many ways. (

Just found out that the Hutchinson News did quote me in their piece on Lech Walesa. I'll copy it over at the end of this post, but it's at However, they don't keep things online very long.

Well, I'm going to set the computer to do a couple of things that are rather resource consuming while I sleep. So, I'd best get it going.

Hope your Easter was lovely.