Friday, January 13, 2006


Tonight Greg and I popped into Wal-mart. As we were going in there was a couple coming out. The woman was wearing this skin tight, very low cut, complete with sequins, top that was barely containing her floppy but rather small boobs that had the distinctive look of leather from overtanning. The overtanning continued up to her face, which was set off by the extra long cigarette hanging out of her mouth. I guess she could barely wait to light up so she already had it in her mouth so she could light it as soon as she walked out the door. Charming.

We walked through the door as this couple exited. I glanced to the right and there on one of the benches were five Amish people - older folks - two men and three women - complete with traditional garb including the prayer bonnets.

It was a priceless moment of juxtaposition. Greg commented that the look on the Amish group's face was not judgemental, but much like you'd expect when one is looking at animals in the zoo.