Sunday, July 03, 2005

Rainy Day

It has rained off and on all day, and has been pouring for the last few hours. Our temperature is down to 66, which is practically unheard of for central Kansas in July. Not sure how this will affect the parade tomorrow - if it's going to continue or not. I do know it will make the fairgrounds a mess for the fireworks tomorrow night.

I have been moving things around in the house, my "usual" job these days. I'm very weary of this task and it's barely begun.

Teresa called and asked if I wanted to go to lunch, so I took a long break and visited with her. We went to the same place Sondra and I went last night - El Potrillo. Teresa, Andrea and I ate Mexican on Friday night too. Three days in a row now.

Greg and Mark and I are trying to plan a trip together. It looks like it will really happen, so that's going to be fun. I'm trying to juggle a ton of things right now - house and otherwise - I hope I can get it all under control.

I talked to one of the guys Jesse recommended for a handyman today. He's coming over on Tuesday to look at the jobs. It would be good to get some help with these things. I just have too much to do on my own within the time frame.

I snapped some pix of the front flower bed today. I'm amazed at how much the morning glories have grown in only the last few days. Two weeks ago they were only about an inch tall. They seem to stay that way for a long time and then suddenly start to shoot up.

I always think I'm very optimistic when I'm putting up the six feet tall string when they're an inch tall. But, they're starting to grow rapidly now. One year at my old place, I started the seeds early indoors and by July 4th they were all over the front and blooming. These are all volunteer - just came up from the seed I planted two years ago. I love the convenience of that, but it would be nice for them to be further along now than they are. There's a trade off for everything.

This is the first year I've ever mulched but people tell me it will keep the weeds down. I can only hope so. I have really fought with the weeds in this flower bed - and the grass.

But, it always looks so sad to see a flower bed in front of a house that's just weeds and is neglected. It makes the whole place seem sad. I'm hoping many of these come back year after year.

I'm in love with the lime green vines. They're not perennials, but I really love the look of them so thought I'd get some anyway. I guess next year will be the test - we'll see what reappears.

Well, time for me to move a few more things before going up to bed. Today is the last day that my antibiotics should be working and I'm feeling good, but still get tired really easily. So, I need to try and get some extra rest.