Friday, July 01, 2005

The Great Glasses Hunt

The Great Glasses Hunt continues. Thanks to those of you who have sent your thoughts on glasses! Today I went to my regular eye doctor's office and tried on a few more. So, a couple of those are on the page now, too. I've also moved some of the lower ones up to the top now, as a couple of people mentioned they couldn't see the last 2-3 glasses frames. So... keep voting!!! THANKS!!!

Your Vote on Glasses Does Count

This is Jon, at Myoptix in Wichita. He has the best selection in the area of cool, fun, funky glasses. Actually, he may have the best selection in the region - meaning a few states. OK, probably the best selection except *maybe* on the coasts.

To top it off, Jon is tons of fun. It's hard to believe that picking out glasses could be fun, but he makes it that way. He's a blast.

He will also embellish your glasses with some extra bling if you so desire. He often has a large selection of vintage frames, in addition to the latest and greatest from Europe, as well as the US. So, if you're just not finding what you want, Myoptix should be on the agenda.

Diana, Jocelyn and I went there a few months ago when Diana got new glasses. Now it's my turn to get new glasses so I stopped in when I was in Wichita earlier this week. Frankly, it was the highlight of my day.

Neither Jocelyn nor Diana could go to help me pick out glasses, so Jon took some pix of me in different ones so I could get their opinions. I figured I'd just show them to you, too, and let you vote on your favorites.

OK... this was too bulky for the blog, so... go to and you can see some of the ones I'm considering. Please, feel free to vote. I'm taking all comments under advisement. Thanks!

What a Beautiful Girl

If you've been reading here for long, you'll remember me talking about my friend, Trevis, from Scotland. We've gotten to know each other through GAMIAN and last saw each other in Philadelphia last year. I believe I posted some photos of the two of us together.

Well, this week, Trevis shared some photos of her 11.5 year old granddaughter, Taylor, with me. These are from her primary school prom, a tradition we don't have in the US but that seems perfectly lovely.

This was the first photo I opened, and I have to tell you that I was struck by what a beautiful girl Taylor is. Those blue eyes and that porcelain skin are an amazing combination. Absolutely lovely.

I asked Trevis if I could share Taylor's photo. I'm sure it's as striking to you as it was to me. Beautiful girl.

Dreams Come True

I love the surreal bits of life and everytime I see Jack White kiss Loretta Lynn on the lips I get it in living color. Gotta love it. The White Stripes frontman on Country Music Television. Who woulda thunk it?

White is a big fan of Loretta's... it's good to get to live your dreams... man... it's good... very good...

I've been blessed to get to live more than a couple of my own. None of my dreams involve Loretta Lynn or Jack White, but it's still amazing to move them into reality.

Guess it's time to make some new dreams... or get about making the old ones come true... I'm in limbo lately... I've gotta snap out of it... Life is going on everyday and I'm "spending" my time in this lifetime wether I'm using it well or not.