Friday, February 05, 2010

I Love Fridays

Fridays are jeans day. I love jeans day. I don't understand jeans day but I don't question jeans day. I just love jeans day.

After work my jeans and I went to The W downtown and enjoyed dinner and music by Cory Angsten. It was a really nice way to kick off the weekend.

I am starting to feel the need for some relaxation. The last few weeks have been frantically busy at work. Seems there's always a new project on tap. In many ways I love that - keeps the brain working on fresh things - but there's not a lot of down time in my work days. And a person needs a little down time to think. When you can think is when you have a chance to come up with new cool ideas. But, I still love the job - even all these months later. I work for really smart people and that makes the work day go very smoothly. It's great to work in a place where there's always something interesting happening.

The days can have a wide variety in them, which is nice. Today involved a live radio interview locally, a phone conversation with a gentleman from Michigan who's visiting the museum soon, and an email correspondence with a journalist from Italy. There's always something around the corner to think about it, plan or contemplate, and I really like that. Today I also worked on more mundane things like writing press releases and organizing details for an event next week - no one's work day can be all Italian journalists I suppose.

I hope I am productive around the house this weekend. I need to be. We'll have to see how that goes as the weekend progresses I guess. So far I can't say much productive has happened, but the weekend is young yet so lets be optimistic.