Friday, February 09, 2007

Katie Couric Face Lift?

Has Katie Couric had a face lift? I just saw her for the first time in awhile and she suddenly has very arched eyebrows - on the outside edge. Didn't she used to have eyebrows that didn't have much arch at all? (OK, yes, I have a "thing" about eyebrows. I've been trying to get a nice arch to mine for years with a variety of tweezing/makeup options. Apparently all I really needed was a surgical procedure.)

That's usually a facelift look - the odd, permanently surprised look with the eyebrow arch in the wrong place. To top it off her forehead doesn't seem to move. Botox? Maybe this is just common knowledge and I'm the only one who hadn't noticed.

She's looking OLD on the evening news. Maybe that's intentional on their part to give her more gravity. I think part of that must be makeup because when we see pix of her elsewhere she seems her normal, perky self. But the eyebrow thing looks like the leftovers of a facelift.

The facelift look is so unattractive - far worse than a few wrinkles. Who wants to go through life looking forever surprised?

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I know from a long history with computer "upgrades" that it's generally a huge mistake. How many times it will take before I accept this I don't know, but I foolishly upgraded to the new blogger a couple of weeks ago. The result was that I was no longer able to post with a little tool I've been using for a couple of years - multi-blog - to post to all my blogs at one time.

Of course, none of this was clear until many, many, many emails were exchanged. Eventually I learned that blogger has changed how their system works, which means no third party tools will work any longer. So, they all have to be updated. And the guy who wrote multi-blog is not interested in doing that.

So I found a new third party tool, hoping the long road of upgrades was about to come to an end for this go 'round. Unfortunately, there's a teensy little problem - it doesn't work with blogger either, despite what it says on their website. Add to this that blogger was having some publishing problems for about a day, and it has been a huge mess, which is why my usual regular publishing has been sporadic.

I'm at an impasse. I want to keep all the blogs up to date, but I have to have a way to do that, and by hand through the blogger system is not it. That's way too time consuming and too clunky to deal with. But, it's through the magic of blogger that things show up on

I'm hoping things are resolved shortly, but in the meantime things may be a bit off kilter here. Even when I thought I was publishing it sometimes wasn't showing up. However, livejournal is working fine so that blog will be up to date.

Whenever computer "improvements" occur, I generally spend a lot of time mopping up. This has been no exception.