Friday, May 07, 2010

Art Show Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the art show and I think I'm ready. I've got the car packed full of stuff and one more load to take out in the morning. It's sort of like going camping - you pack up a bunch of stuff out of your house and then have to bring it all back in.

It's supposed to be a high of 64 tomorrow, so I won't be wearing the cute skirt I had originally planned when I expected it to be warm enough I wouldn't want to bundled into jeans. Instead I've laid out long underwear.

I'm glad I don't have any delicate little plants out yet. I decided I'm not putting them out for awhile because they don't really do anything until it gets warm and stays warm so there's not much point.

Well, off to bed for me. It's going to be a long day tomorrow. I hope it goes well. I'll have a report later in the weekend.