Sunday, February 11, 2007

In the Floor

I'm sitting in the floor of my office writing this on the laptop with a wireless signal. You may be wondering if this is my normal blogging posture. No, it is not.

But, I have been moving things around in the office and cleaning various things - including the floor. When I say cleaning, I mean on my hands and knees with various cleaning products. Do I know how to spend a Saturday night or what? I guess, technically, it's Sunday morning, but you get the idea.

My office is a downstairs bedroom that is really too small for my office. But, it's the logical place for it. I would just LOVE to have about another 15 feet built onto the back of my house, expanding my office and kitchen. But there are so many more urgent things to do in the house and I don't happen to have an extra $20,000 lying around either.

I am trying to figure out how to get everything in here that I need in here and have it all organized. I know part of the solution is shelving. I am a person who needs a lot of table space and shelving in my house. Everything I like to do seems to require flat spaces to work on, and shelves to hold the things to do whatever that is - geneaology, sewing, art, collage, etc. - you get the general idea.

I have a stack of stuff to go to Salvation Army - in fact my sunporch is full of stuff that needs to go. When that is gone I can move a wardrobe I have in my office out there and use it for other purposes. That will free up some space.

I have moved the wardrobe twice today and my desk three times. They are both very heavy. I have those handy little mover things, but I have a feeling in the morning I may be hunting for some ibuprofen.

I've decided one of the things I need to have somewhere in my house at all times is a big trash can with a liner in it that is for donated items. I also need one in my closet - a place where I can just automatically put things that need to go to live with someone else. It seems I have been hauling things out of here for a year now, but there are still things that need to go.

Well, I need to rest so I can get up and do more of this exciting stuff tomorrow. Yes, I know, my life is one thrill after another.