Thursday, March 03, 2011

What Story Does a Desk Tell

When I was leaving the office the other day I stopped to pick up something I had forgotten. Looking at my desk from that vantage point made me stop and take a photo. I always think you can tell something about people by their desks.

You can probably tell we have a Snoopy exhibit at the moment... or that I love that Beagle. You might also discern I'm a germ freak - especially if I hadn't cropped out the Clorox wipes on the left side of the photo. You might also realize I love color. I recycle whatever paper I can, and that includes those brightly colored flyers for one thing or another.

All you might see is a mess, but there's a system to my messiness - at least for me. I'm not sure anyone else could see it, but I have a system. Of sorts.

Maybe one day I'll be brave enough to post a photo of my desk at home. But not tonight. I'd need to clean it up a bit before doing that. Maybe one day. Maybe.