Friday, February 06, 2009

First Big Outting

Tonight I had my first big outting since coming home - a trip to Skaets. Yes, I know, I'm living on the edge. I wasn't up to my usual moon burger, but a grilled cheese with pickles hit the spot.

Greg's brother, Steve, is visiting and he wanted to hit Skaets so we headed up there. Sharon met us there and we had a nice visit. Then we all came back to my house and munched on those strawberries Todd and Tara sent.

Steve is a funny guy. He's also a very talented writer and film producer. I'm so flattered that Steve reads this blog, at least in part. He tells me he skips the posts on doilies and such. Who knows what pithy wisdom he's missing, but what are you gonna do?

I've been up almost all day today and I've started weaning myself from the pain pills. I've been taking the pain pills every couple of hours, so I wouldn't be in any pain. But, I slept through doses a few times and realized there was no pain. So, I think I've reached the point where I need them less.

I'm not going to be in pain, but I have an addictive personality and I do not need to be taking pills "just in case" I might be in pain. So, I'm being cautious with them. Although, frankly, I cannot imagine what sort of recreational purpose these things serve. They pretty much just make me sleepy, which I don't find all that thrilling.

I've been up almost all day today. I can't say I'm accomplishing much in those hours, as I'm just not thinking very clearly, but the mere fact that I can be up and about is encouraging to me. They tell me I did myself a world of good walking a lot in the hospital, so I'm continuing that at home, even though I don't have a nice long hallway to use. I make a circle through my hallway, living room and dining room until I start to get a little dizzy.

I spoke with the PR person at the hospital today, who found my blog and read about my experiences there. She seems very on top of things and has an interesting idea she's asked us to participate in. She was very impressed with Greg's pictures. I think we'll be able to work something out. I'd love to be able to help recognize the folks who were so helpful to me.

I'm feeling better each day and I'm optimistic I'll be up to seeing Rebecca Ryan at the Chamber Dinner on Monday night. I'm going to have to ask around to see if someone can pick me up since I don't think I'll be driving by then and Greg will be out of town.

The deal with driving is that when I feel my reflex if someone pulled out in front of me would be to hit the brakes instead of grab my stomach, then I can drive. I'm not there yet. Maybe I will be by Monday. We'll see. I need a backup plan regardless.

Well, the big plans for tomorrow are - hopefully - a trip to Roy's and a shower. I know. My life is so darned exciting it's hard to keep track. We'll see if I'm able to accomplish both of those in one day. If something has to go, it will be Roy's. As much as I love Roy's, a shower is becoming an essential. Otherwise, no one is going to want to be around me, even if I have gourmet chocolate covered strawberries to share. And I'm a woman who can't put my own socks on, so I can't take the risk.
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