Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pi Day Pie

This is my pi day pie. It's coconut. Just like Mama made. Well, at least it's her recipe. I can't say it tastes the same.

Happy Pi Day... it comes around every year on 3.14... make a note for next year!

Things I Learned Today

Every day is a learning experience and today was no execption.

Today I learned:
1. if you suddenly get the urge to see how calligrapher's ink works on tissue paper, it's best to use disposable gloves - I'm not telling you how to live your life, and you certainly don't have to use gloves, but I plan to make use of them during this process in the future
2. if your calligrapher's ink is too thick to give the desired effect, a small glass jar that pimento came in is perfect for thinning the ink with some with water
3. this will likely make you want pimento cheese sandwiches for lunch
4. if you don't have any pimento in the house, or even if you do and don't want to mix it up, a grilled cheese sandwich is a fine substitute

Happy Pi Day

It's 3.14 - Pi Day. I may have to bake a pie. Happy Pi Day!

Comedy at The W in Downtown Hutchinson Kansas

Commedian Bob Nelson played at The W in downtown Hutchinson Kansas tonight. He is from New York, but now works in Branson. He did some of his famous bits tonight.

Nelson has worked with many names you'd recognize - Jerry Seinfeld, Paul Reiser, Eddie Murphy and more. He won an Emmy and has appeared in movies like, "Kindergarten Cop."

Opening for him was Longhorn the Commedian, who I really enjoyed too.

The W is bringing in some great acts. Between them, the ongoing Third Thursday art events, the Hutch Hall productions and all the Arts and Humanities Council does, Hutchinson is becoming quite an active arts community. Very cool.