Monday, January 10, 2011

Congratulations to Judge Trish Rose

My dear friend, Trish Rose, was sworn in today as District Judge. Her swearing in was at noon and she heard her first case at 1:30.

She was sworn in by Patty Macke Dick, a long-time friend and chief judge. It was a historic moment - first time a woman has sworn in a woman judge here.

I couldn't resist a photo of Trish sitting in her chair right after swearing in - officially a judge. She filled in a week or two ago, and of course went up the night she won, but this was her first time sitting there after being official. Her husband, Jim, was there of course - he has been a real jewel in supporting Trish in her campaigns.

This is Trish's courtroom. Isn't it beautiful? Our courthouse was built in 1930 and is an art deco marvel.