Thursday, December 29, 2005

Quiet Day

I have not set foot outside of the house today. I slept in, which has been a rarity for me the last few weeks. I got up, showered, and started working on Mary Ann's computer. She was infected with the lop spyware. Good grief. I didn't think I was ever going to get it off of there. I deleted and rebooted and edited the registry and rebooted and searched and rebooted in an endless cycle until the late afternoon. But, finally, success when I logged on and didn't get that infuriating little toolbar.

I spent the last couple of days in bits of time now and then getting rid of the my search bar. Yeah, you may not call it spyware/adware/malware. Sorry, if I didn't get a choice about it being put on my machine, it's not something that should be there.

Anyway, tonight her computer is loading faster and running better and I'm thriled I was able to help.

I've been working on my Art of Gracious Living podcasts tonight, as well as some other projects. I'm hoping to get answers to questions I have about this set up in the near future. I'm not in the business of generating content for people for free.

Terry reports that all is well at my house and I'm happy to hear that. Had a nice note from Jim today. It's good to be in touch with him regularly. All in all a nice day of hunting down computer bad guys and working on computer things.

Tomorrow I'm going to put flowers on my Aunt LaVerne's grave, as well as some others. It's nice and warm here, which is great. Last year we were snowed in with over two feet of snow. So, this is a pleasant change of pace. I'm trying to just ignore what it says about global warming and enjoy the fact that I'm walking around in T-shirts during the winter.