Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Lunches and Lectures

I went to lunch with Peggy today and we sat and talked for a long time. It was good to reconnect. We don't seem to see each other often enough. I needed a break so it worked out great.

Tonight I went to a lecture on grief, which I'll say more about when I'm not quite so weary, but for tonight I want to get some rest.

The last few days I've been working every waking moment and that's all I've done tonight since getting home. It is time for me to rest. I need to rest. I must rest.

Shorter Work Week

As a result of my "Dilbert isn't funny when you're living it" post, I got an email from the folks who founded an organization for a shorter work week.

Americans are way overworked. We don't even seem to have time to feed ourselves anymore, hence the proliferation of fast food restaurants. You'd think  not being able to feed our own young would be a long term issue for the species, but so far we don't seem to have noticed.

Blue Skinned

I'm starting to feel like that kid we see on King of the Hill every once inawhile that is hunched over his computer with the blue skin. It seems I've been typing for days and days and days. This time of year I do a lot of grant writing and budgeting and such, and it all requires a lot of computer time. But I've had a string of really productive days and accomplished many projects. Tomorrow I'm hoping to get outside and see some sun. I need to take some daylight time and get outdoors a bit. I'm starting to feel as though my veins are visible.

Tonight was my board meeting and afterwards Trish and I spent some time chatting. We also ran into Terry as he was coming in to the library. Trish is someone I trust implicitly and trust is a huge deal to me. She is never judgemental, never-passive agressive, never condescending. It's a rare blend in a person and one I try to emulate. She is far better at it than I am.

I knew this about Trish, but when I was involved with a man who was much younger than me, she was one of the very few people in my world who passed no judgement on that - openly or otherwise. She was supportive in the beginning and she was supportive at the end. That's what a friend is about - someone who is there over the whole spectrum of experience, with nothing but positivity regardless.

Last night was Creative Sisterhood and although there were only four of us here it was a really great evening. Diana left early, leaving Teresa, Martha and me but it was an insightful time together - at least for me. We talked about many topics, including The Secret and the Law of Attraction.