Sunday, October 22, 2006

Kris and John's House

Tonight I went to Wichita for a gathering at the home of Kris and John, who I met at Kansas Dialogue. They are friends of Andrea's and were a great addition to dialogue.

They decided to create a "mini-dialogue," to introduce some folks in Wichita to the concept. They generously invited me to join Martha and Andrea as the "veterans."

It was a nice evening. They really put some energy into the gathering and it showed.

I always love getting to meet new people and there were a couple dozen of us there tonight, and I knew none of them other than the four of them. Interestingly enough, at leadership last week they asked how people felt about coming in the first day. My answer was that I was excited at meeting new people. Everyone else who answered had some trepidation about it. Maybe it comes from being a journalist for so long - you're used to doing what I called "dropping into people's lives" for awhile.

I asked John and Kris if I could take their photo for the blog. That's John standing, and Chris in the middle. Andrea is on the right and that's Bill in front. It was a lovely evening.