Monday, December 07, 2009

A Surprise from Deb

I got a lovely surprise today that I want to share with you. It even came with beautiful green tissue paper.

Last week I got a slip in the mailbox that I had a package. I didn't get a chance to get it until today at lunch. When I picked up the box it was light, and I thought, "oh... I bet it's a Christmas ornament."

I recognized the name on the return address as a blog reader - Deb from Topeka. We have met a couple of times at events and she's wonderful in person. She has done other fun, surprising things for me, so I knew the package would be delightful, but I was not at all expecting what I found.

Inside was this ornament Deb had made and a lovely, lovely note. She had been behind on blog reading due to computer issues and when she recently had a chance to catch up was surprised to read about the recent surgery. She said it occurred to her that not being able to put up my usual tree might result in some "holiday dreariness" for me so she was inspired to make me "a surprise that might hold some delight and share back some of the joy your tree has given to me these years."

Is that not the nicest thing?

She decked out the tree, added some stars and packages (two of my favorite things!), and painted the inside to mimic the glow of lights the tree gives off. She even added a fabric scrap underneath it that picks up the idea of wood floors.

I am so touched by Deb's thoughtfulness and her nice note. I took it into the restaurant today with lunch for Greg, and he loved it.

I love things people make. It's so special when someone gives of themselves that way. Deb put so much work into the detail on this. I'm so incredibly flattered by Deb's gift. It already has a place of honor on the tree. Thank you, Deb.

Tiger Woods Overload

I'm officially sick of hearing about Tiger Woods. Admittedly, I wasn't eager to hear about him a decade ago, but since his accident I've heard way more than I wanted. Let me clear up the story for you so we can all move on:

1. People don't have accidents and refuse to speak to the police unless they have something to hide. That may include, but is not limited to:
a. being impaired due to alcohol
b. being impaired due to drugs (legal or illegal)
c. being involved in a domestic dispute of some sort that will look very ugly for your image

2. People cheat on their spouses. This is not something unique to celebrities, but they simply have more opportunity for it. I'm about to incur the wrath of some, but many men are likely to cheat when presented with the opportunity to do it and not get caught, and self-respecting women don't give married men the opportunity. This would include but not be limited to:
a. trying to seduce them
b. saying anything other than "no" when they try to seduce you

This should not be construed to mean that I think all men cheat. I do not. And men do not have a corner on that market, either.

3. Tiger isn't very smart. If you're a celebrity, someone is going to brag about bedding you. He isn't alone in this fantasy that such things can remain private, he is just the latest in a long line of those caught with their pants down, as it were. Which, again, begs the question of why it's news. It's an old story - cross out last celebrity's name, write in "Tiger."

So, to recap - stupid move, impaired judgement on multiple levels, scorned wife wielding weapon. What more needs be said?