Friday, May 20, 2005

Administration Assholes

Wichita's Boeing plant has been sold to Onex. I'm not involved - don't know anyone who is - but Onex is proving itself to be full of Assholes - at least in the Administration.

Today they gave the machinists a memo saying that they'll get a letter tomorrow that will tell them if they're employed with the new company or not. So, tomorrow's mail will bring the news - yes, you're employed, but you're taking a pay cut OR you're not being offered a job.

This is so damned nasty. You don't have the balls to tell people face to face, so you've got to let the postal carrier do your dirty work. Trashy, Trashy, Trashy.

I guess I should say that I often think unions are out of control - expecting far too much. But, I think these administration types are just complete jerks.

Why must those in power think they need to treat people like crap?

I learned a long time ago that a job is what you do to make money and that you can be replaced - easily - and you should never think otherwise. You're employed only because you serve the purposes of the owner/manager. If you stop serving that purpose, or the purpose changes, they have NO loyalty to you. Don't be fooled into thinking otherwise.

This company is just proving the point... trashy.