Friday, January 30, 2009


Patsy here. Greg did the photos for me but I'm writing my first full blog post in awhile.

It has been an eventful day. I was in a-fib much of the day, off and on. The most enlightening thing was that I didn't realize it at least once when I was in it. But Sara, my nurse, was exceptional about checking on it today. I really, really like her.

In the background, notice the basket of beautiful yellow flowers. Mark sent those. He's been sending me flowers every day and that was today's entry. Do I have the best friends, or what?

So far, I like everyone I've come into contact with here. The reason the deal about me not recognizing the a-fib is significant is that it can be dangerous over the long haul if it's happening a lot. I thought I always knew when mine was happening but the telemetry lab tells another story. So, after consultation with a cardiologist who has seen me a couple of times since I've been here, she and my surgeon agreed it would be ideal for me to stay a couple of extra days while they put me on a medication that has to be monitored in a hospital setting, to address the a-fib on an ongoing basis.

I jumped at the chance to do that because it does affect my life when, at times, I just can't do anything but wait for it to pass. My heart always converts but if I can take a pill that just addresses the issue that would be fabulous. So, I started that tonight and we'll hope for the best in the morning and see where we're at. I'm hopeful this pill will do the trick and the a-fib will no longer be a factor in my life.

My patient care tech today was Hemma. It's the first time I'd been with her and she's a jewel, too. Her name is Austrian, by the way. Of course, you know me, I asked. Her parents are from Austria and gave their kids traditional Austrian names. She's a real sweetie.

I am continually struck by the superior care I'm receiving here. Everyone seems to go the extra mile for the patients and this patient appreciates it.

I was sharing that tonight with Staci, who was my nurse last night, too. But tonight I realized she was the charge nurse. I'm not sure exactly what that means except that she's in charge of some things. I'm not a medical person, you know.

Late this afternoon I was having some pain in my left leg. Because of the a-fib and surgery there was a concern about clotting so they sent me down for an ultrasound that came back negative so all is well in that department. Greg couldn't resist a photo of me with the morphine pump in hand.

And, bear in mind, if this isn't the most eloquent, or understandable, writing you've read on my blog, that I'm a person with a morphine pump. And I'm using it.
Patsy here. I am feeling much better today. My bowels are still not fully functional which is not unusual with female surgeries. That is probably why my stomach was so upset yesterday. But I have eaten a little bit today with no ill effects so that's a good sign. I have been having more a-fib problems so the cardiologist is talking to the surgeon about trying a medication that would completely control the a-fib but it would require monitoring the effects in the hospital for 2-3 days. I think this is a great idea so I am hoping it all works out.

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Thursday Pictures

After Patsy finally settled into a deep sleep Wednesday night I went exploring and found there was a 1947 chapel literally hidden in the center of Via Christi, having been surrounded and dwarfed on all sides by subsequent expansions.

It's called the Chapel of the Sorrowful Mother. Do you feel guilty just reading that name? I almost do, and I'm not even Catholic.

It was locked when I took this picture at 3 AM, but it's amazing what you can see through a crack in the door. I have since been able to enter and will post pictures on thelope when I get the time.

Dawn painted the walls of Via Christi Thursday morning. I went over to the motel for five hours of sleep at about 10AM. Sharon and I seem to have settled into a routine; I sleep a few hours in the late morning to mid-afternoon and she sleeps from about 11 PM to 6 AM.

Patsy's friend Barbara Robinson (left) stopped by and brought her friend Mary Bruce. Patsy shot this picture, her first since arriving here. It was a slow day for visitors, which was just as well because she was nauseous most of the day - not exactly a great social mode.

She got better in the late evening and walked the halls quite a bit. At about 2AM Friday she ate some apple sauce with no ill effects. She woke up a couple times during the night and we go out for "walkies. It's 4:15 AM now and she's watching TV - catching up on what Obama has been up to. She's more "herself" - a cautious sign that today's dawn will bring a better day.


patsy here. Greg and I have been out to walk a bit in the halls. I can't tell you how impressed with the care at Via Christi. everyone on staff seems to truly care. We've run into no one that's jaded. Very cool.

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