Thursday, April 06, 2006


I've been working on a bio tonight for a project and trying to figure out what to say about myself. Does anyone really care where I went to school? What boards I serve on? What I do for a living? What I used to do for a living?

I want to tell people the important things about myself - what I think about, what I dream about, what I want. But, we seem to be destined to read a recitation of these regurgitated facts that make up a bio. So, I'm guessing mine will fall into that category eventually.

It leads me to consider where it is that we can truly be ourselves. Where we are allowed to express the parts of ourselves that really matter. Does anyone want to know those things?

I guess some people do, because it's those things I tend to blather on about here. And, much to my surprise, people read it. I can't tell you how incredibly flattered I am by that.

I'm never sure what the purpose of a bio is. Am I trying to impress? Sorry, I can't really do that - I haven't done anything too impressive as of yet in this life. Am I trying to make someone like me? Not sure I can do that either - I just am who I am and you'll either like me or not, but you probably won't be indifferent. Am I trying to say something about who I am? That must not be it because that is not found in the details people give in bios. So, I don't know... maybe if I knew what I was trying to accomplish I'd be able to do it better.