Friday, October 20, 2006

Beautiful Day

When I first looked at weather bug this morning it said it was 29, so I guess it finally really froze, no question about it. However, as the day wore on it got to be a beautiful day. By late afternoon it was wonderful - still cool, but nice enough with just a light jacket.

I had a lunchtime meeting, but went to eat with Julie after that. We went to the Airport Steakhouse. It has been redone and is much nicer than I remember it. Our food was good and it was cool to watch the small planes landing and taking off. I had no idea the Hutchinson airport was this busy, but there were lots of people coming through - most carrying either briefcases or golf clubs or both.

After lunch Julie and I went to Dillon Nature Center for a walk. It was just gorgeous out. Things are starting to look like fall around here.