Sunday, April 17, 2005

Church and Stripping

The Weekend Time is winding down and I'm not ready for that to happen. I haven't done nearly everything I wanted to do this weekend, even though I've been busy almost every moment. That seems to be the story of my life - never enough moments.

It is a beautiful day here. I've been enjoying all the tulips in bloom on my street. Unfortunately, none of them are in my yard. I have some tulips in the back yard but they are a little shaded so they haven't bloomed yet.

Teresa and I went to church at Trinity this morning. I wanted to show support for Nick, the minister, after his sermon before our election on the marriage amendment. He has always been an outspoken proponent of human rights - for all humans. And I have always been appreciative of his approach. We went that morning and this is my first opportunity to go again.

He is a powerful speaker and we are privileged to have him in our community. He is under-appreciated by many, it seems, including some in his congregation. This town needs him. No question about it.

I decided when I went last time that I need to make an effort to go more often - he is a powerful speaker and I need to take advantage of this wonderful resource I have right in my own community. The associate pastor there is also very good.

We went to lunch afterwards and then I came home and started stripping wallpaper again. Here at the end of the day I've got maybe 1/3 of the room done and I'm already officially sick of the process. But, thankful I have a steamer, which does make it easier than anything else.

In moving things I ran across some things I'd bought at a garage sale that I had forgotten about. I'd bought some old thread spools and such for decoration in the sewing room. But, there were also a couple of other things with them I'd forgotten - two old water color sets, and some old envelopes.

I love old stamps and envelopes and bits of handwriting. This was a ziplock baggie full of things and it was $1. The oldest thing I found was from 1909 and the most recent from 1930. They are just envelopes, although there is one card in there that's written on. But, they are just the envelopes and notations, "ans."

I was just sitting down on the edge of the bed to look at them when the doorbell rang. It was one of the neighborhood kids selling a school discount card. Of course I bought one. I generally buy anything like that, just to support the school. Of course, if I were running the world, we'd just give the schools enough money and not make the kids go out and raise it. But, in my world, teachers are some of the best paid and most respected people. Professional sports players - well, lets just say - like farmers, they'll need another job to support themselves. I got nothing against professional sports - but the money that is spent on it is insane. I digress...

While I was downstairs I sat down for a little snack - celery with blue cheese dressing and some water to drink - but I kept it brief. Wallpaper doesn't strip itself, unfortunately. I did take another break to write for a bit upstairs. I absolutely love having my studio and I've noticed in the last few weeks that it is also becoming where I do a lot of journaling.

I have tried two new journaling techniques lately and one of them is something I'm really enjoying. The other is an experiment - sometimes those work - sometimes not. I'm afraid this is in the latter category - at least for me.

I thought I might hate stripping wallpaper a little less now than I will when it's 100 degrees outside. Holding a steam plate is probably going to be even less fun then.

This wallpaper is probably from the thirties or forties. Thank goodness, whoever put it up, took down what was there before this. I can also see where they wrote on the wall about how many rolls they needed. This is the only room I have where the wallpaper has not been painted over already. I decided that any that had been painted over I just didn't have the energy to strip at this point. Maybe later, but not now.

I'm very tired and I think it's time for a long bath before bed. I'm grungy and worn out.