Monday, May 24, 2010

Visioning Collages

This was our retreat group that worked on the visioning process this past weekend. A couple of people weren't able to come, unfortunately, but the four of us had a good time.

In the porch swing are Danielle on the left and Jade on the right. In the back are me on the left and Teresa on the right. Teresa and I have done this process before, but it was new to Danielle and Jade.

We met in Ramona, which is a great place for a retreat. It's a quiet town of fewer than 100 people.

The concept is to start with a focus phrase and create a collage that illustrates the phrase. Everyone was generous enough to allow me to share their finished products here on the blog, as well as their statements.

Jade started Saturday with yoga, as she does every day.

We were pretty relaxed, and took some time to enjoy the front porch before getting down to business.

But we went inside to ourstacks of magazines, scissors and glue. I am sharing some photos of every one working away.

Teresa made a delicious lunch of salad for us.

It was nice to take the time to eat together. The other time I did this process with a group we never had time to do that, or sit on the porch, or do anything except work on the projcet at hand.

Jade was making fast process so I had to take a look.

I was having some difficulty with the process this time. You can see my pile of pictures and words here, many of which didn't make the cut to the final product.

There's a point where everything is chaos. We all had that feeling at one time or another.

Jade was the first one finished, and was pleased with her collage.

Danielle was the next one finished.

She even had time to do both sides, as you'll see below.

Teresa and I were still working, although I finished later that afternoon. Teresa was still finishing details for awhile.

Jade's focus statement was "Connecting with Joy."

Danielle's was "Living Free." She did both sides of her posterboard.

My statement was "My Ideal Life."

Teresa's was "It's Cleaned Up."

All in all it was a very productive weekend. I have my collage on the wall in my home office where I can see it every day. I'm so appreciative of the women who undertook this journey with me.